Somatic coaching

somatic awareness

Giving conscious attention and devotion to the life that is stirring and moving within

In somatic coaching you will be encouraged to approach the topics you are moving with not only on a cognitive level, but also actively involve the body, its sensations and thus your “somatic awareness”. Somatic awareness in this case means to give your conscious attention and devotion to the life that is stirring and moving within you.

Our bodies carry an enormous wealth of knowledge and enable us through its intelligence to reach more precise levels of inner and outer perception. If we pay attention to our felt sense (feelings and sensations in our body) it can help us to increase our response-abilities in our every day life, in challenging situations or complex relationships. It is a great tool to raise our level of self awareness so our decision making becomes more aligned with our true selves.

In somatic coaching we work with various methods that are intuitively and creatively adjusted to you and your process:

  • elements of somatic conversation tools
  • reflecting and mirroring
  • working with parts
  • artistical and systemic approaches
  • Breath and voice work
  • body and movement research


You can come either with a specific topic in advance or you just feel that something is going on in you which needs some more attention and wants to be looked at. Topics can vary from intimate questions around love, sexuality and partnership, (inner) conflicts and relationship dynamics, break ups or questions around your own sense making in the world

The offer is directed to individuals, couples or other relationship constellations as well as small goups. I will hold space for you and give impulses that allow your process to find more shape and clarity. 

Contact me in a free pre talk and we will find the right format for you.


  • Somatic Coaching-Dip In € 80

    1 h / online or live

  • Somatic Coaching Session € 100

    1,5 h / online or live

  • Somatic Coaching -Dive in € 270

    3 x 1,5 h / online or live

  • Somatic Coaching-Deep Dive € 450

    5 x 1,5 h / online or live

  • Somatic Coaching - Couples € 140

    1,5 h / online or live

  • Coaching for Groups Contact me

*Pricepolitics: It is important for me to make access to this work also for people who come from less privileged backgrounds or for any other reason can’t afford the offered price categories. If you are struggling with the amounts of money but have a strong calling to experience this work please get in touch with me and we will find a solution. I reserve three sessions per month for people with an income <900 € for special prices.