Past Projects


Dance offer in public spaces
In collaboration with Bwgt e.V. + Funding from the Hessian Cultural Foundation
concept and Facilitation: Lukas Geschwind
various parks in Berlin, May – August 2021

With the closure of the dance studios due to the Corona Pandemic, I startet to search for opportunities for social interaction and movement practices in public space.

How can we stay physically active, experience each other creatively and at the same time comply with the contact restrictions? The “Move-Dance-Shake” sessions took place at five different locations in the parcs of Berlin in Wedding, Moabit and Mitte. By using the “Mixlr app”, the participants were able to log into a live audio stream with their cell phones and headphones from either on site or anywhere else where they feel comfortable and take part in the offer. In this way, the hygiene regulations could be observed and at the same time a concrete experience of social interaction and physical exercise could be created. One’s own dance interweaves with the local public life: the parc visitors become witnesses and protagonists at the same time; the parcs become a scenery of a poetic happening of a joint moving moment creation.

“What can I say? It was great and different and I really enjoyed it. At first I couldn’t imagine much of it, but now I’m absolutely thrilled. The headphones created a special kind of intimacy, and I felt like I was the only one being addressed. I joined in on my balcony (fresh air!) and after a few minutes I didn’t give a damn if any neighbors would observe me in a funny way.” – Daniela D.

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The Mysterious case of..?

Acting & music: Lukas Geschwind (ukulele, clarina, vocals) Benjamin Harlan (ukulele, vocals) Director: Franz Josef Fendt Puppetproduction: Annekatrin Stauss Music composition & Equipment: Harlan, Fendt & Geschwind funded by the Stade regional association 2013 - 2022

A children theatre piece that was developed in 2013 with The touring Theatre Company „Theater Spunk“. Over all it has been performed for nine years over 600 times in primary schools throughout Germany. The last show has been performed in April 2022. The criminal story „The mysterious case of…?“ is a language theatre piece (english-german) and has humerous elements of clown, as well as circus, puppet theatre and live-music.

“The dialogues of the heroes and their clown-like gestures offer high-quality visual theatre. Hearing the English language and encountering English culture are embedded in a humorous adventure that inspires curiosity and stimulates the imagination. Language acquisition thus becomes a sensual experience.”

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All pictures by Franz Fendt

A group of youth going on a 7 day journey to dance, move and transform together
in cooperation with Janka Stiffler, Corinna Krauch, Simon du Vinage, Aiko Goldbeck and Nora Czaikowsky
Peace research Village Tamera, Alentejo Portugal, april 2021

Youth Eastercamp - Dance to Resurrection

During the Youth Eastercamp we came together every morning to move and explore through a topic of the day. We oriented ourselves on the themes that are present around easter, death and resurrection – what are the lightful impulses that want to arise. We created our own journey of moving, meeting, experimenting. Out of this week we collected movement material and created a final performance. The youth performed in the stone circle of tamera as well as the cultural center in front of the community. 


All pictures by Simon du Vinage

Walk in Wonderworld

Street Theater and Circus Performance
Conecpt and Directing: Lukas Geschwind Collaborative Artist/Music (Drums, Singing): Ife Pianke, Patrick Ssebagala Performers: Mary, Bruno, Brian, Joyce, Felix, Moses, Joan, Abdu, Angel, Yahaya
Cultural Management: Carolin Christgau, Katharina Neidhardt
Support on Tour: Isabel, Remy (girl be Project)
Pictures: Oscar Kibuuka

With a group of ten youth from the neighborhoods of Kampala, we developed a street performance entitled “Walk in Wonderworld”. The artistic process was in collaboration with ugandan artists Ife Pianke and Patrick Ssebagala. The performance consists of elements of circus, theatre, dance and clowning and deals with the dreams and wishes of the participating performers. The piece dealt with the questions of how a perfect world would look like and how we can put our more beautiful imaginations of what is possible into manifestation? In May 2013 she was awarded the LaBA! Arts Festival premiered. This was followed by a ten-day tour of Uganda with several performances in public places, in a children’s home, prison, school, etc. The project was supported by the Goethe Center Kampala (GZK), the Ugandan German Cultural Society (UGCS) and the organization In Movement (Arts for social change).

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