Communication Captures (short Version)

Opening of the Exhibition "Motions of Matter"
Concept by Stella Geppert
Performance: David Kummer, Lukas Geschwind, Nitsan Margaliot, Lillie Rouvière, Stella Geppert and Guests from the audience
Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Berlin, February 17, 2023

In COMMUNICATION CAPTURES, Stella Geppert develops a human diorama to capture the communicative presence of all those in space. The performance is characterized by regular non-verbal communicative rituals that empathetically charge the space through breathing. All bodies are equipped with prosthesis-like head constructions, so-called analog HEADSETs. They are used as tactile organs and extensions of the body to communicate with the body and the space by means of charcoal. A reading body is always present in the performance. At Galerie Georg Nothelfer, a short extract of the performance will be shown and the International Human Rights are read silently.

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"Zaplatanie" is a collaboration between:
Ewelina Węgiel - camera and editing
Jess Zamora-Turner - textile sculpture
Monika Błaszczak - choreography
Wojciech Kosma - lyrics and music
Digital saxophone: Hansol Kim
Drone footage: Nizam Ergil
Dancers: Adrianna Metryka, Alek Sarna, Anastasia Freygang, Antek Lisowski, Constança Saturnino, Dawid Dzwonkowski, Elena Cattardico, Flupsi Upsi, Fox Conner, Francesca Sacchi, Georgia Weaver, Giada Grieco, Hannah Wallace, Jagoda Skawska, Jirmeja Pattianakotta, Josephine Auffray, Katarzyna Kałuska, Klaudia Katarzyna Lech, Lukas Geschwind, Magdalena Przybylska, Maria Salwińska, Marta Rzepecka, Marta Stepien, Martyna Łapaj, Mia Kordova, Nina Żółtańska, Sophia Estel
The project was funded by Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien / Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien
Hasenheide, Berlin 2022
“Zaplatanie naszych słonecznych splotów razem to szczyt moich marzeń” – was a secular folk rave ritual public performance. Centered around the metaphor of braiding it was an invitation for reimagining meaningful and intimate co-presence with the human and non-human world. Over 20 dancers were joined by live musicians to create a continuous hypnotic piece that draws from the contemporary dance vocabularies, traditional Eastern European folk songs and dances, communal ceremonies or outdoor pandemic parties. The performance was staged around a large-scale textile sculpture produced especially for the occasion at Rixdorfer Höhe, a postwar rubble hill in the Hasenheide Park in Berlin on 16.10.2022.



Performance with Nicole Wendel and Jan Burkhard
Initiated by Nicole Wendel as part of the community project “W E C H S E L R A U M"
brought to life by artist Ulrike Mohr
W E C H S E L R A U M was invited by Sarie Nijboer and Vincent Schier to take part in the project “Space for Networks and Solidarity”
Haus der Statistik, Berlin, October 2020

W E C H S E L R A U M is a transdisciplinary, collaborative project with a spatial drawing made of (char)coal at its center. Artists* from the fields of art and science are invited to take over and change this site-specific work. The chemical transformation of wood into (char)coal is the starting point for the joint exploration of current time and space phenomena. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, a permanent transformation process will take place until the spatial drawing is dissolved. In a relay race, the term “space of change” defines the area where one runner* passes the baton to the next runner*.

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By Stella Geppert, Close Encounters Vol.02, Dansehallerne c/o DEN FRIE, Centre of Contemporary Art
Concept, Choreography, Installation: Stella Geppert / Performer: Jan Burkhardt, Stella Geppert, Lukas Geschwind, David Kummer, Michelle Lui, Sophia Seiss / Co-Production: Dansehallerne / Production-Management: Susanne Ogan / Documentation: Tim Nowitzki, Per Hendriksen / Support: Dansehallerne, Danish Art Workshop, Goethe Institut, Zeitbasierte Künste BURG Halle, Medienwerkstatt Berlin
Copenhagen 2019

The special feature of this space made for communication emphasized non-verbal communication and sensual encounters, and it was only in the installation itself that language and the associated patterns of action and movement came into play and choreographic elements and spontaneous moments of encounter with the audience overlap. The INTERCONNECTEDNESS is an important aspect of this work and gives every single person the same necessity of being. The SIMPLE BEING as a physical act, like talking, thinking, and resting is an important part of the performance, also the mental activity inscribes itself into the body. Simultaneously to all communicative encounters, the book “Breathing, Choas and Poetry” by Franco “Bifo” Berardi was read in silence. The imprints of touching are SCRIPT OF HUMAN COMMUNICATIVEMOVEMENTS for me. Like a kind of CELL STRUCTURE OF COMMUNICATION (verbal – non-verbal) the choreography spatially depicts communicative fields of action and reproduces forms from images of socially anchored movement sequences. The random and gentle touches of the piece of coal on the borders of the room are IMPRINTS of movements of encounter and expression of a spatially anchored action, a bodily image executed as ÉCRITURE CORPORELLE. Form, action, and the recording part became one and the sequences of the movement were congruent with the forming process. (Stella Geppert 2019/2020)

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All pictures by Tim Nowitzki

Augenblicks- verknüpfung

Performance by Stella Geppert
Augenblicksverknüpfung, Punkt emotionaler Dichte (Linking Moments – Emotional Point of Density)
TANGENCY – Stadtverortungen, Osnabrück Performance in public space with Kirstin Flüssmeyer, Stella Geppert, Lukas Geschwind, Michelle Lui, Birte Opitz and Agnes Nguyen
support: Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Kunst Osnabrück e. V. Kunstraum hase29, Flüssmeyer Vermessungen
Osnabrück 2018

The performance “Linking Moments – Emotional Point of Density” in public and over the rooftops of Osnabrück, measuring urban topology and social fields. Stella Geppert applies land surveying technology to the complexity of assessing a space, using the Neumarkt in Osnabrück as a model. What is the impact of making social contact from close up, from far away? How long does it take for eye contact to be made? How do social spheres relate to the big picture – to planet Earth? This “being moved through the act of measurement” will be translated into choreography and explored as a gauge of emotional intensity. The space-defining elements and their effects begin to resonate…

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