About me


Divine disunion guarantees the persistence of desire.

A lot has happened since I left my parents house… Many years of living as a nomad, traveling innerly and outerly, going on (spiritual) journeys, visiting projects and working in communities, researching on love in relationships and expressing myself through projects and work. I didn’t take over the curtain shop from my farther, like he did from his farther. Nor did my two brothers. Instead I followed this inner impulse of exploring, moving and discovering worlds that go beyond the familiarities and structures I grew up with… 

I follow and surrender. I grasp it and I loose it. I hold on and like sand, it is rinsing through my fingers. I allow myself to happen, letting it pour through me, mysteries of unfolding unknowings, in gratitude that there is breath which is taking me, again and again. Letting it come and letting it go. 

Lifethreads and what I do

Work is love made visible.

My path led me from my studies in theater in social fields, through clowning and street theatre, dance and performance art, to somatic practices and personal coaching work. Looking back at my professional background I see that in all the steps I took the body as a medium to work with plays a central role and weaves through my life path like a red thread. The body as the interface between inside and outside interests me not only as a tool of artistic expression, but also as a medium to make social topics and structures visible and transform them on a personal as well as a collective level.
In recent years I have deepened my knowledge in the field of somatic body work with a special focus on topics around sexuality and intimacy. It excites me to see how people get access to their creative potential and life energy by courageously revealing and what is really moving inside them. Accompanying people who are widening their capacities of consciously relating to themselves and the outside world in a way that expresses their true nature of being is something I love doing.
My work moves at the transitions from artistic creation, socio-political activism, communitywork, ritualpractices and personal-transformative coaching processes. I give artistic seminars throughout Germany, lead group processes and workshops and support people in one-and-one sessions. Project specifically I work as a performance artist and dancer.

Copyright/Photos: 1st left and 3rd by Christoph Plünnecke, 2nd by Michal Wojtarowicz, 4th by Diethild Meier


Since 2023 Coach for somatics and Sexuality (Level3), ISB – Institute for Somatic Education Berlin

2021 – 2022 Coach for somatics and sexuality (Level2),ISB – Institute for Somatic Education Berlin

2020 -2021 Sexological Bodywork Training (Level1), ISB – Institute for Somatic Education Berlin

2018 Yoga Teacher Training (200h TTC), Rishikul Yogshala, Rishikesh, India

2014 – 2015 Dance Intensive Program, Tanzfabrik, Berlin

2011 Clown training, Escuela de Clown “Cal Clown”, Spain

2007 – 2011 Bachelor of Arts, Theater in Social fields, HKS Ottersberg

A lot of my work is informed by inspiring places, artists and teachers I met on my path.
To mention a few:

  • Several workshops with Keith Hennessy in Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen/Dance, Ritual, Politics, Shamanism, Performance
  • Workshop with Franziska Dieterich in Ponderosa/Blue Vortex, Trauma Work and Somatic Awareness
  • Workshops and work exchanges around Rituals for communal Grieving/Wildnesschule Wildeshausen + Grieving Ceremonies with Janna Rehbein
  • Systemic shamanistic constellation work with Andreas Demmel
  • Voice, Breath and Movement work with Joris Camelin
  • Workshops with Yoram Moszenzon EcoMe Center (Israel-Palestine)/Tools of Non Violent Communication
  • Introduction into Buddhism, Meditation and Dharma Teachings, Meditation Center Tushita Dharamshalla, India
  • Several Workshops with Dance and Movement Teachers Jan Burkhardt, Segal Zouk, Maya M. Caroll, Shai Faran, Kirstie Simson
  • Study programmes and Work exchanges with Tamera, Healing Biotop Portugal/Knowledge on Community building and work with human matter

“Somatic Perfomance Lab – Form und Freiheit” – Performance. Concept: Barbara Bess. Kulturforum Fürth, 2023.

“Communication Captures (short Version)” – Performance. Concept: Stella Geppert. Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Berlin 2023

“Zaplatanie” – Performanceritual. Concept: Monika Blasczek. Berlin Hasenheide 2022

“When Mouth meets Nose” – Performance. Concept: Stella Geppert. Galerie Pankow, Berlin 2022

“Extracts of Communication Captures” – Performance. Concept: Stella Geppert. Mahalla, Berlin 2021

“Feldbewegung” – Performance. Mit Nicole Wendel und Jan Burkhardt, Haus der Statistik. Berlin 2020 

“Nicht materielle Stadtverschönerung” – performative Forschungsarbeit im öffentlichen Raum. Mit Jan Burkhardt, Nicole Wendel, Sigal Zouk, Bartek Mikula u.a.. Berlin 2020 

“Tanzfähig” – inclusive Danceproject/Performance. Concept: Joris Camelin, SophienSaele/Tanzfabrik. Berlin 2019 

“Red Rebells Performance” – Performance in relation to Climate Protests. Berlin 2019 

“Communication Captures” – Performance Installation. Concept: Stella Geppert. Denmark, Copenhagen 2019 

“Augenblicksverknüpfung” – Performance in public Space. Concept: Stella Geppert. Osnabrück 2018. 

“Ten Scores for a sculpture” – Performance. Concept: Stella Geppert. Berlin 2017 

“Waldmichelsholdi” – Dancer for Publicity video. Concept und Regie: Nicolas Ritter. Berlin 2016 

“Cuacatù” – Dancer and Protagonist (Documentationmovie). Concept and Direction: Moritz Lenz. 2015 

“El Peligrino” – Streetperformance in the Frame of a „Fake Pilgrimage“. Spain, Santiago de Compostella 2015 

“I am not Performing.” – Performance Installation. Tanzfabrik. Berlin 2015 

“What is actually moving?” – Soloperformance. Tanzfabrik. Berlin 2015

“Human Amplifier” – Perfomance with Dance Intensive Collective. Direction: Shai Faran. Tanzfabrik. Berlin 2015

“Cycling Circus” – Street theatre performances with 2Wheels for Change, travelling Circus. Israel/Palestina 2014 

“The Mysterious case of..?” – multilingual touring theatre. Theater Spunk. Ottersberg. Performed in schools in whole of Germany 2013 -2022 

“Clownsperformance” – Artstation. Bahnhof Ottersberg 2013

“Walk into Wonderworld”– Streetperformances. Concept: Lukas Geschwind. Uganda, Kampala 2013 

“Clownsperformance und Walk Act” – Soloshow. Springfestival. Biblis 2013 

“Circo mi Circo” – Walkacts. Concept: Adriana Rojas. Kolumbien, Nuqui 2013 

“Romeo and Juliet Revisited” – multilingual touring theatre. Flying Theatre Company. England – Deutschland 2012 

“Man spricht Deutsch”– multilingual touring theatre. Flying Theatre Company. England 2011- 2012

Projects and Facilitation

“Several Grieving Ceremonies/Grieving rituals” – Assistant Facilitation with Janna Schneewitta Rehbein,  Klingenmühle Switzerland and other places, 2022 – 2023

“Sexological Bodywork, Introduction Course + Education programme” – Facilitation for ISB Berlin,  2023.

“Zwischen Trauer und Freude” – Seminar about grieving work + somatic practices, with Janna Rehbein. Schloss Glarisegg, Schweiz, 2023

“Liebe, Sex und Männlichkeiten” – workshop for cis-men with Nico Semmler. Berlin, 2023

“Kiezsport instructors training with a focus on inclusion” at bwgt.eV. – Berlin, 2022

“Morning embodiment practice” – Movementexercise. Future is Now Gathering, Chorin 2022

“Humping Tarot” – Workshop new Healing festival, Pritzwalk 2022

“Conversing with Plants”– Workshop New Healing Festival, Pritzwalk 2022

“Hump up the Jam” – Dry-Humping Workshop at the Intimate Revolution Festival, Spitzmühle near Berlin, 2022

“Move-Dance-Shake” – dance and movement offer in public space. Berlin, 2021

“Eastercamp – Dance to resurrection” – youth camp with performance. Tamera, Portugal 2021

“Introduction to methods of Sexological Bodywork” – day workshop. Community Ahrensnest, Hohen Fläming, 2021

“Sense into movement” – dance workshop, NVC Global rising. Online Festival 2020

“Body of earth material” – workshop in collaboration with Lotan Sapir. Me’ever Theatre school. Israel, Mitzperamon 2020

“Body – Time – Space” – dance workshop in collaboration with Neele Ruckdeschel. Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy. Halle 2018

“Information/Transformation” – dance workshop in collaboration with Neele Ruckdeschel. College of Arts. Ottersberg 2016

“The place beyond right and wrong” – movement workshop. EcoMe Center. Israel, Almog Junction 2016

Seminars and artistic workshops in the field of extracurricular education for the “Friends of Waldorf Education”. Whole of Germany 2013 – 2023

“Walk in Wonderworld” – street theater and circus project. Uganda, Kampala 2013

“Circo mi Circo” – children’s and youth circus project. Concept: Adriana Rojas. Colombia, Nuqui 2013