My approach

A space for you to be fully welcome

gender-conscious, body- and sex-positive, resource-oriented and trauma-sensitive

My commitment in working with you is to do my best to open up a safe_r space where you are fully welcome with your inner movements and questions that affect you and all parts of your being. There is nothing to achieve and nowhere you have to go. The process is fully oriented on your needs and wishes, putting into focus what it is that you want to learn and to embody right now?

On a personal and political level, free decision-making about the individual expression of gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation is very important to me. ALL bodies are welcome! As a white, able-bodied, european person who is raised and socialized in a biological male body it is part of my approach to have awareness around my privileges as well as potential dynamics of power that are related to structural inequalities. I am aware that my biological gender and position in society might have an influence on the client- practicioner relation ship. It is a deep heartfelt wish from mine to do my best to open a space for people to feel welcomed in all ways they are and choose to express their being. You are more than welcome to contact me in a free pre talk for any kind of questions and uncertainties. Furthermore if, in any of your interactions with me, you feel unheard, unseen or in any other way negatively impacted you may contact my “Accountability Pod” with your feedback (this work is in progress, more information on that coming soon/ see also Accountability and ethical guidelines).

My work reflects the attitude that people cannot be seen independently of the systems in which they move and act. For me, working with the body always has a socio-political dimension and can include family, social, transgenerational levels. Basically, I state my work as gender-conscious, body- and sex-positive, ressource-oriented and trauma-sensitive.