The Wisdom of your Body

a journey of intimate relating to self, others and the World

When it comes to sexuality we can get to  places where we feel very vulnerable. It might not be easy for us to have access to our sensual and sexual desires and always be clear about our boundaries. Also to communicate them in our relational ships can lead to edgy places. On the other hand, if we manage to express and show us in our true wishes, if we reveal something of our naked and honest selves, it holds a lot of potential for self expansion, pleasure, connection and opens gateways for deep relational bonding. 

Sexological Bodywork is a method that was pioneered by Joseph Kramer in the 80’s in San Francisco during the time of the Aids epidemic. It has been brought to life mainly to support and empower gay men in their sexuality. Since then it has been further developed with mindful, political aware and trauma sensitive approaches towards the body, sexuality as well as identity for all kind of genders. If you want to find out more about the method or consider taking sessions with me, click through the questions below…

Sexological Bodywork, What is it?

Sexological Bodywork offers you the possibility to be accompanied around topics of sexuality and intimacy in a protected setting. It is a method that can support you in creating a sensual-conscious home in your body and finding your authentic expression of your own sexuality. It is a lively, creative and process-oriented form of somatic bodywork. With Sexological Bodywork you can find new ways to expand your potential for pleasure and aliveness, and integrate sexual sovereignty and intimacy into your life.

How can Sexological Bodywork support me?

Working with sexuality can lead us to challenging places as well opening up potentials for more vitality, pleasure and creative expression. In fine attunement with where you are and what you bring, the work can support you

  • To experience and embody your sexual being in a way that feels in alignment with yourself (erotic embodiment)
  • To create sexual experiences and intimate encounters and relationships more (self) consciously
  • To express and regulate your needs and erotic potential with more awareness (empowerment)
  • The refinement of one’s own inner and outer perception and the strengthening of communication
  • Deeper connection with your own erotic nature, as well as strengthening the ability to relate to (intimate) partners, friends and other people.
What are possible topics of Sexological Bodywork?
  • Explore desires and needs as well as boundaries in relation to (erotic, sensual and sexual) contact
  • Explore and transform shame, insecurities and fears, possible patterns of suffering around sexuality
  • Exploring pleasure and Lustpotentials in different parts of the body/ecstasy
  • Research on the topic of orgasm (orgasm disorder, orgasm fixation, “premature ejaculation”)
  • Explore dynamics and patterns around sexual attraction, fantasies and/or kinks (Core erotic theme)
  • Exploring and researching one’s own body exteriors or interiors
  • Masturbation/self-love-practice
  • Knowledge and learning of sexual anatomy/education and knowledge transfer
  • Questions and Insecurities around the expression of sexuality and gender
  • Dealing with pornography/porn addiction
  • Challenges and dynamics related to relationship and intimate partners (see also below, on relationships)
How does a Sexological Bodywork session look like?

A session usually consists of a somatic conversation part and another part of bodywork. In the “Intake” (preliminary talk) we will have a look with what you are coming and see what you would like to learn and embody for yourself in the session. With your own learning intention, we will move further into bodywork. This can look very different depending on your process and themes you are with. We can use various methods from the Sexological Bodywork repertoire, such as breath and voice work, conscious movement, witnessing, genital/anal meditation and (full body) massages, genital and body mappings, wheel of consent, bossy massage and conscious self-love practices. The work can include nudity and (genital/anal) touch, but can also be fully clothed and without touch. You determine the way we work together. Verbal communication, also during bodywork, serves to get aware of patterns and structures and to anchor what is physically experienced also in the cognitive realm .After the body work, there is a quiet integration time before we meet again for the “Outtake” to round up the process of the session.

Does it always have to be about sex?

I understand sexuality as a creative life force that lives in us, gives us drive and makes us feel alive. In this sense, my approach to working with sexuality is also very broad: Maybe you have a specific topic, how you want to live and express your sexuality right now, but maybe you also have completely different life questions that is stirring you. Your profession or vocation, feeling connected in everyday life, recurring patterns in relationships, a personal crises or general questions about meaning and making sense in life… All of these topics can be part of a session.

Creating access to one’s own self-determined sexuality can have a positive effect on many other areas of life. On the other hand, we can give attention to other life questions that are present with us and find out how this is related to how we live and express our sexuality. It is entirely up to you how and with what you want to come into a session. Come as you are and with what you are, from here we will look together which direction is right for you and how the accompaniment can best support you.

Can I also come with my partner?

Whether it’s monogamy, polyamory or other (open) relationship formats, relationship is a lifelong learning and brings potentials for growth and development as well as unexpected challenges. Again I welcome you with your wishes and desires, as well as your challenges and difficulties. Whether it is a break up, a fresh beginning, a stagnation, opening the relation ship or the decision to be more in depth together… We will open a space where you can see each other in what phase you are in and what is needed for your mutual growth. It is less important which relationship model you have just chosen with each other, but rather what is present in the concrete contact between you. These can be related to different topics:


  • Conflicts and recurring dynamics
  • Stagnation or the occurrence of unequally distributed sexual desires in (longer) relationships
  • Negotiating different needs around boundaries and needs for proximity and distance
  • Allowing space for more closeness/practicing skills of relating
  • Jealousy, fear of loss
  • negotiation of parallel needs for security and stability vs. freedom and independence
  • Sensitization around your sensual contact and touch/practical tools for a more creative, joyful togetherness
Accountability and ethical guidelines

As a sexological bodyworker I follow the ethical guidelines of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers

read more here

  • I am ALWAYS clothed while working and any form of physical contact is done with consent (consent-based work).
  • The touch is always one-sided (practicioner person → client).
  • No romantic or sexual relationship is part of the the work with the client.
  • Gloves are used for genital and anal touching.
  • The work is client-centered, which means that I see it as my task to focus on you, your feelings and your experiences and to accompany you in the best possible way in terms of your learning intention.

More on Accountability and what am I committed to in working with you:

  • All information and content of the client* is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone else unless there is made a specific agreement from the client*.
  • I understand the inherent power I hold in my role as supporter/sexological bodyworker and will not use this power to knowingly create harm or indulge in discriminatory practices (see also my approach).
  • If, in any of your interactions with me, you feel unheard, unseen, hurt, violated, or in any other way negatively impacted, you may contact my Accountability Pod with your feedback (work in Progress more information coming soon) or contact via complaints at our sexological Bodywork network site.
Where and how do Sessions take place?

Sessions take place in a shared studio space in Berlin Neukölln. There is also the possibility to work online with me.  Check out the price list and options below.  

Sessions can be done in English and German. 


  • Sexological Bodywork Session € 120

    1,5h online

  • Sexological Bodywork Couples € 150

    1,5 h online

  • Sexological Bodywork Session € 180

    2,5 h live

  • Sexological Bodywork Couples € 220

    2,5 h live

  • Sexological Bodywork Rooting € 510

    Session package 3 x 2,5 h live

*Pricepolitics: It is important for me to make access to this work also for people who come from less privileged backgrounds or for any other reason can’t afford the offered price categories. If you are struggling with the amounts of money but have a strong calling to experience this work please get in touch with me and we will find a solution. I reserve three sessions per month for people with an income <900 € for special prices.


Ich bin besonders glücklich, dass ich begleitet wurde, Emotionen während der Sitzungen und auch zwischen den Sitzungen auszuleben. Ich habe manche Gefühle akzeptieren gelernt und ehrlich mit diesen umzugehen. Das hat mir Vertrauen in meine eigenen Kräfte gegeben. Zudem habe ich das Gefühl, aufmerksamer mir gegenüber zu sein und auch ehrlicher.

Niko W.

Within the coaching container, i really enjoyed feeling agent. you nudged me gently and proposed impulses while still allowing me to feel like everything came from me and that i’m in full control. thank you, lukas, for the inspiration, the support and the care.“

Em S.

You have provided a safe place and one where I could also open up by talking which was very important. I liked your gentle nudge into focusing more on the body and did not find this forceful. When talking I felt you kept a holding space and managed to bring me back to a bodily sense of my emotions.“

Michael C.

Unsere Verbindung hat sich für mich von Beginn an wohlwollend, vertrauensvoll angefühlt, was mir ermöglicht Im rahmen der Begleitung Raum für tiefere, persönliche Prozesse zu machen. Insbesondere Lukas Art und Weise Fragen zu stellen, Aspekte zu beleuchten, die mir selbst entweder noch nicht aufgefallen waren, oder die ich bisher noch nicht sehen wollte, empfand ich als unterstützend, vertiefend. Lukas Wertschätzende reflektive Kommunikation schätze ich dabei ebenso, wie die humorvollen Ebenen unserer Interaktion. Danke für deine Art und Weise (da/begleitend dabei) zu sein!

Anna T.