On resonance and the body’s intelligence…

How can I help to create resonating fields with people, places, circumstances, animals and the more that human world. Resonating fields in the sense that synergies arise. People, places, animals move in relation to each other. The experience of being in connection happens in relation to ourselves and to our environment.

What is it that connects us?…we are more than the sum of our parts…What is it that is created between us, as a group constellation, as already existing potentials in relation to a specific space and time situation? How can the potential of what is created become tangible? How can structures and conditions be created so that what wants to unfold can unfold. And who is the creator of this overall unfolding process?

I see the access to this potentials through the body.

The Body, our physical manifestation of our very existence. We receive information through the body. Information is stored in the body. thousands of years of history and wisdom is stored in the body and at the same time it also offers access to our intuition, access to possible future realities. Through the Body we can find this immanent intelligence. The knowledge beyond rational thinking, what feels right and important for us and what is not. We experience resonance and dissonance through our body and it communicates it to us through physical reactions, emotions, sensations, feelings etc.
Our body lives in the now.

In our minds we can travel to the past or to the future. With the physical body we are always in the now. How can we connect with the body like this, immerse ourselves in the now and thus anticipate the coming future in the present.

Moment, by moment, by moment…by moment.

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