Upcoming Summerdates 2023

Summer is out! The sun, the heat, swimming in cooling waters, blue sky’s, Moskitos and first sunburns. The grass is getting dryer and shadow places beneath tree friends get really appreciated. Many things start moving and I feel like with this time i am diving deeply in my nomadic soul again with all the gifts and challenges it brings. With not having a continous physical home base, moving to different places, I ask myself what is it that gives stability and holds ground? What comes to me again and again is people, body and earth. Being present in my own body with what there is where ever I am and sharing that within a circle or a community of people. Breathing life together as it flows through in whatever shape or form it wants to take. Creating vessels and containers where we can allow ourselves to be with That… whatever That is… owning it, taking it, allowing it, feeling it. It‘s happening. Right now. As you read this.